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Welcome to Northwind Plaza, the epitome of prime commercial real estate designed with you in mind. Strategically located off Highway 290, our tower stands as a beacon for business owners and real estate agents seeking unparalleled opportunities. Boasting move-in ready suites that effortlessly accommodate your business needs, One Northwind Plaza offers a dynamic environment where success thrives. 

Designing the branding for them was exceptional, as mentioned previously they are a high end luxurious company that wants to showcase their vision through their brand just as much as they do with their clients.

The color palette is inspired to keep the modern, sleek touch through out the brand. It balances very well and demonstrates perfectly in print assets. The logo itself, we kept it professional and still incorporated that edginess to it. The NW come together very elegantly and creates a memorable watermark. The pattern was inspired by the logo, keeping that Geometric structure, and playing with the diamonds shapes throughout.

04_Flyer Mockup.png
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