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We updated the brand identity for the Houston Food Bank to reinvigorate the organization's aesthetic based on their mission and values. The newly designed brand guidelines were key in developing custom give-away products for specific audiences and generate enthusiasm for the organization.The applied branding and messaging is expanded further with several environmental designs for various spaces in the food bank’s facilities.


Houston Foodbank being a very known foundation within Houstonians it needs to mark the branding presence just as much as it marks peoples lives. Houston Foodbank brand refresh is focusing on updating the look and feel of logo, icons, color palette and imagery, the results are a cohesive understanding of HFB branding by making it memorable and a representation of all Houston communities. 


The branding was expanded to where we represent the fun, vibrancy and life changing that the Houston Foodbank does. The colors are used through out the designs, with a series of patterns that can help the viewer identify the icons and branding through out. Each elevator will have a simple graphic at the front that then reveals a colorful surprise on the inside. For the Green Mile, a nice mural that goes all long the main wall,  the overall goals that we want donors to identify when it comes to donate.





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