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Buena is a typeface designed and inspired by Mexican Modern Architecture. Mexican modern Architecture is made up of curves, simplicity and elegance. These elements create a well balance in design, architecture and art. That is  why Buena was then designed, a typeface that can contain all those elements, be a stunning font, Bilingual and elevate brands. This typeface invokes a unique tone and conceptual direction by balancing proportion and rhythm.


The shapes used throughout each letter form, create unique curves and slickness throughout out the thick and thin strokes. This font family is formed with just Regular weight, this weight has a nice balance through the family to where it is easy to use for headings, display and such.


This is a stencil that contains shapes that make up Buena. We encourage to have fun and experiment with the shapes to see what you can create, these shapes are universal shapes that can be used in different ways and create new things. Spell out your name with our fonts and follow our alphabet provided oat the bottom of the page.

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