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The Phaistos Disc, which was discovered in 1908 and is thought to date to around 1700 BC, is a circular piece of fired clay stamped with forty-five distinct symbols. Our participation in this project is to shift who we are responsible to: We didn't think about our portfolio, a client or the professor. 


Through out this book we explore 45 trips that individuals have experienced when consuming shrooms. Names have been kept Anonymous for individuals safety.


 Forty-five Symbols is calling for research-driven and self-directed observations, experiments and speculations that provide new perspectives on the way we live.  An approach to shrooms is something that intrigued me. Shrooms have been used by a wide audience ranging from the Beatles to everyday recreational use. The benefits include cancer distress, pain,  and depression. They are a suppressed tool that humanity has used in the shadows.

Even with these benefits, states of psychosis have impacts at severe levels.These symbols will illustrate different visuals that different individuals have seen in good and bad trips to emphasize the major impact this taboo has brought on humanity. Entertainment comes with a price. Names have been kept Anonymous for

individuals safety.

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