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FUSE: Our diverse perspectives ignite a spark that fuels our process and drives our future paths. We FUSE together to form a collective that challenges bounds and rebuilds the standards of design in a new image.


Fuse is an exhibition curated by 24 designers to showcase the work that has been implemented through out the two years of the University of Houston Design program. This years, senior class of 2023, created a unique, memorable and breathtaking brand identity that represented ll 24 of us in a unique way. 


The color palette re enforces the branding, we have two bright colors complimented with two more neutral colors for balance purposes. When these colors are used together they are cohesive and strong. Represents the FUSE meaning and works well when using gradients, throughout the branding.


From the typeface designed fro the branding/logo, we pulled the main details that highlight the uniqueness of the font. From that we created unique shapes, that compliments the logo, and were used through the branding as a prime asset.


Below you will see a demonstration of what the exhibition came to be and how beautiful the branding was used throughout.

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